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'Three Before Me' Changes CHART Coach's Approach for Coaching Newbies

Participating in the CHART Certified Coaching course was a helpful adjunct to my work as a CRM New Hire Field Mentor. Learning skills to guide new employees who may have differing learning styles and communication preferences from my own helped me to see that it's important to meet your new hires where they are and to tailor your educational material and follow up asks to the way they learn best.

It's often easiest to connect with new employees who learn and retain information in the same ways as the field mentor. However, it is valuable to learn how the material “sticks” best with your new hire and to help them develop a set of skills that can get them through the rigorous CRM curriculum.

One of the tools taught in the CHART coaching program is “Three Before Me” which encourages the student to seek out additional resources FIRST when facing a question or problem before coming directly to the field mentor for the answer.

Guiding your new hire to try to solve the problem themselves is the first step. Looking at their notes, reviewing online modules, or referencing cheat sheets and flashcards are all good places to start. If the answer isn’t found in the student's own material, asking them to make a note to add it in once solved is a great way to avoid repeat questions.

If the student needs further assistance, its good practice to have them reach out to three counterparts for a solution. After the above if the student is still questioning or wanting further clarification, setting aside time for the coach to review 1:1 with the student. This mutually beneficial tool allows the new hire to develop good work practices, establish relationships with a variety of teammates, and helps the field mentor to feel supported and not “burnt out” as the only resource for their student.

The CHART Certified Coaching program is a great resource for EP Peeps in a variety of roles within our field to feel encouraged and supported as they take on coaching roles in their current job. Learning skills that can benefit the new employee as well as the coach helps create a successful symbiotic relationship!


Would you like to learn more about the CHART Certified Coaching program?

CHART would love to learn more about your goals and help you find opportunities needed for professional development.


Kristina Otto, CCDS

Kristina Otto has been a Principal Clinical Specialist with Medtronic for 5 years. She is a new hire mentor, field training coach, CCDS certified and an IBHRE Ambassador (CCDS).

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