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CHART Certified Coach: Mary Smith, RCES

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

CHART finds EP talent and brings them into our COACHING Inner Circle.

Learn all about our Winter 2023 featured Coach!

At CHART Healthcare Academy our first program option was Cardiac EP. While planning our comprehensive EP curriculum, we realized the best way to support #EPeeps preparing for exams is through a personal Coach and 1:1 sessions.

That led us to look for knowledgeable, skilled, and willing EP professionals to become our CHART Certified Coaches!

Read Mary's story to better understand the kind of people we need for this critical role at CHART.

#1 - What was your original EP goal when you started using CHART Healthcare Academy?

I had worked in the EP lab for a couple of years before using CHART Healthcare Academy. I knew how to conduct an EP study and measure intervals. I wanted to take that knowledge even further so I could be a stronger asset in the lab for the doctor and patients.

#2 - What CHART courses have you taken?

**This is a long list…

I will say one of the courses that brought everything together was “EP Case Studies”. This course helped me to apply concepts and think about real-world situations.


"I feel very honored and am excited to be featured in the CHART New Year Newsletter!" – Mary Smith, CHART Coach


#3 - How did CHART help you achieve your goal?

CHART helped me to achieve my goal with support and believing I could do it. The information inside CHART courses is real-world up-to-date, and applicable information. CHART allows you to speak one-on-one with a mentor/coach, which helps to understand concepts thoroughly.


Mary now works for Medtronic as a valued Sr. Clinical Specialist - CRM.


#4 - Would you recommend using CHART and the CHART Coaching program to others starting out in EP?


When first starting in the EP lab, I felt overwhelmed and afraid I may never understand. CHART created a safe space for me to ask questions. Everyone at CHART has a natural coach in them, which made me KNOW I would succeed. In many programs, information is taught one way and it’s up to the learner to figure out how to understand it. The CHART team takes the time and ensures learners understand the information. They will explain it in different ways because they understand everyone is different.

#5 - What other comments would you like to share with CHART Peeps?

The EP lab can be overwhelming at first. CHART makes you feel seen. Being part of the CHART family means always having someone in your corner, willing to help by answering questions, and providing support and motivation.

Becoming a CHART Coach means you are part of a team for life.

Where else can you find Mary? She'll be facilitating our EP Pro course, Pacemakers: Coil to Can! Choose to join any of our EP Live events here.

Want a CHART Coach to guide your EP exam prepping journey, email us at


Regina Kiefer, RT(CV), RCES, RCIS, Director of Professional Development - CV at CHART Healthcare Academy.

Regina works closely with the CHART Coaches to coordinate training, promote courses, recruit future coaches, and advance the field of Cardiac Electrophysiology in every way at every level.

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