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CHART Certified Coach: Andrew Kremer, BSN, RN, RCIS

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

CHART finds EP talent and brings them into our COACHING Inner Circle.

Learn all about our Spring 2023 featured Coach!

At CHART Healthcare Academy, our Cardiac Device and Device Clinic curriculum has proven to be a valuable addition to the Cardiac EP Program. We are excited to be able to support the device community with structured programs, coaching, and continuing education.

Meet Andrew Kremer, one of our newest Coaches specializing in Cardiac Devices.

Andy contacted our team, looking for ways to contribute to the CHART mission.

#1 - What was your original goal when you began using CHART Healthcare Academy?

My initial draw to CHART Healthcare Academy was to explore all the options being offered for all of my EP and device colleagues in order to expand their knowledge base and master their craft to become true subject matter experts in their field.


#2 - What CHART courses have you taken?

I have taken the CHART Coaching and Mentoring course and have attended January’s Live EP Pro: A&P course. Also, I participated in the first sessions to train Device Coaches for an industry partner with the CHART Team as a contributor.

"Every member of the CHART team is fully engaged and dedicated to making the learning experience exceptional, with real-life examples and expectations."

Andrew Kremer, CHART Coach


Andy is a registered nurse, with a BSN from the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing.

He is a nationally certified Cardiovascular Technician with over 18 years of experience within the cardiovascular field and retired from the U.S. Navy.

#4 - Would you recommend using CHART and the CHART Coaching program to others starting out in EP?

With the engagement I have had thus far with CHART Healthcare Academy, I am supremely impressed with the depth and dedication that has been put into the development of courses for the EP and Device environment. I would absolutely recommend CHART.


#5 - What other comments would you like to share with CHART Peeps?

All too often, members of our community are put into positions (either willingly or ‘voluntold’) to participate in cases and clinics without having the complete picture of training that one should expect to have. CHART levels up your foundation of knowledge and gives you what you need to GROW.


Becoming a CHART Coach means you are part of a team for life.

Where else can you find Andy?

He is busy reviewing courses and assisting with the Device Program at CHART while maintaining his full-time job as a Device Clinic Nurse at UC Health.

Want a CHART Coach to guide your EP exam-prepping journey?


Regina Kiefer, RT(CV), RCES, RCIS, Director of Professional Development - CV at CHART Healthcare Academy.

Regina works closely with the CHART Coaches to coordinate training, promote courses, recruit future coaches, and advance the field of Cardiac Electrophysiology in every way at every level.

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