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To Benchmark or Not to Benchmark? ...that is the question!

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Written by: Angela Massen, RCES

CHART Director of Professional Development - Industry

Benchmark: /ˈben(t)SHmärk/

1. a standard or point of reference against which things may be compared or assessed.


When I was a wee baby EP Tech just starting in the EP Lab, I recognized that there was so much to learn…almost TOO much to learn. As the years (oh, so many years) flew by, I started to feel like I had the hang of it and that I might actually know what I was talking about. I could confidently converse with physicians about arrhythmias, be a trusted partner during procedures, and even be a reference for education for others on the team.

BUT how much did I really know?

I started thinking..."Is there a way for me to truly check my knowledge level?"

How can I tell if I am advancing in my field? How do I measure that growth or, better yet, prove to my boss that I am? "Can we talk about a raise??? "

The answer... BENCHMARK testing

A benchmark assesses your competence level so that you can truly identify how to focus your development to excel in your field. The idea is to get a baseline of where your knowledge is NOW! Having this information confirms your strengths and will uncover any gaps in your knowledge. This will help identify educational opportunities to close the gaps and take that same Benchmark test again to PROVE your growth through improved results!


The methods of evaluation include measuring confidence and competence...the two go hand-in-hand! If you have the knowledge, but not the confidence to apply your skills the benefits of "knowing" is not maximized.

Once the results of the benchmark assessment are complete, the learning pathway is developed to fit the need. BEST PART -- development and growth begin once the initial scores are recorded!


An increasing number of hospitals and medical device companies are beginning to implement benchmark testing, and CHART Healthcare Academy is making that possible! A win, win for both the employer and the employee.

Following benchmarking, team members navigate the learning plan as a cohort, ensuring everyone is getting the same opportunity to learn. The team bonds over the learning journey which increases trust, respect, and communication -- all while advancing their knowledge and skills. The CHART Plus™ program is designed to create an innovative learning environment that promotes growth and advancement.


Providing a structured, consistent, and engaging educational experience to those caring for the patient results in a better standard of care. The patient is the ultimate winner in the game of benchmarking healthcare professionals.

Are you ready to #LevelUP your EP Lab or EP-related company to the top in staff training and education? What better way to develop expert #epeeps #CRMS #devicerep?

For more information on how CHART can do this for you and support the goals with documented results contact a CHART Consultant to review your benchmarking plan at

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Angela Massen, RCES, is the Director of Professional Development - Industry Relations at CHART Healthcare Academy. Angie was hired from the EP Lab to be a part of the Cryoballoon US launch with Medtronic. Expanding her industry experience, she joined the Biosense Webster team as a Clinical Account Specialist mapping complex arrhythmias in EP Lab procedures.

Before joining CHART, her most recent experience was working with Medline Industries as an EP Sales Specialist, developing an EP curriculum for customers and her internal team.

Reach out to Angie for CHART Industry Services:

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