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CHART Healthcare Academy Receives 2021 Learning Excellence Award by the Brandon Hall Group

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Amongst the largest applicant pool in the Brandon Hall Group Award’s history, CHART Healthcare Academy, Inc. is recognized with the Silver Award.

Boca Raton, FL, Aug. 19, 2021 – CHART Healthcare Academy, Inc. is a professional development company focused on delivering a state-of-the-art learning experience for allied healthcare professionals with increasingly complex training requirements to perform procedures alongside physicians. The Learning Excellence Award recognizes CHART’s effort in offering a new approach for upskilling through a unique blended learning technique – CLASS™ (Continuous Learning Accountability Support System).

The Brandon Hall Group is the organization behind the largest and longest-running awards program in Learning Excellence. Organizations from around the world were honored this year with either Gold, Silver, or Bronze awards, for their programs, strategies, processes, and systems.

Entries were evaluated by a panel of veteran, independent senior industry experts, Brandon Hall Group analysts and executives based upon these criteria: fit the need, design of the program, functionality, innovation, and overall measurable benefits.

“Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards in 2021 provide much-needed and well-deserved recognition to organizations that went above and beyond to support their stakeholders during the unprecedented disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Brandon Hall Group COO and Human Capital Management (HCM) Excellence Awards Program leader Rachel Cooke. “The awards provide validation of best practices in all areas of HCM at a time when they have never been more important to employers, employees and customers.”

CHART Healthcare Academy, an up-and-coming company, was recognized alongside powerhouse organizations such as Accenture, Bank of America Corporation, Cardinal Health, Cognizant, Deloitte, Google, Inkling, McKinsey & Company, MetLife, PepsiCo, SAP, and Upside Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

“The availability of education and training resources for allied healthcare professionals are scarce and typically only offered through on-the-job learning, leading to disjointed training experiences and significant gaps in knowledge,” notes CHART Healthcare Academy CEO, Stephanie Jasa. “We are grateful that the Brandon Hall Group recognizes CHART’s effort to close the skill gaps amongst the professionals working in a dynamic and complex industry where patient care is paramount.”

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— About CHART Healthcare Academy, Inc.

CHART Healthcare Academy, Inc. is a professional development company focused on delivering healthcare professional training programs that are strategically designed to meet the unique and advanced learning needs supporting specialty clinical disciplines. As CHART training methods continue to repeat their effectiveness, program expansion will extend to other specialty areas in cardiology, radiology, and surgery.

CHART will continue to develop programs that will scale according to the growing demands in specialty healthcare. Data trends show a long runway for advancements in technology and the ability to treat more patients who present with advanced disease states, which will need to be support by a skilled staff. Well-trained healthcare professionals should not simply be a goal, but a standard throughout the industry.

— About Brandon Hall Group, Inc.

Brandon Hall Group is the only professional development company that offers data, research, insights, and certification to Learning and Talent executives and organizations. The best minds in Human Capital Management (HCM) choose Brandon Hall Group to help them create future-proof employee development plans for the new era.

For over 28 years, we have empowered, recognized, and certified excellence in organizations around the world influencing the development of over 10,000,000 employees and executives. Our HCM Excellence Awards was the first to recognize organizations for learning and talent and is the gold standard, known as the “Academy Awards of Human Capital Management.”

Our cloud-based platform delivers evidence-based insights in the areas of Learning and Development, Talent Management, Leadership Development, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Talent Acquisition and HR/Workforce Management for corporate organizations and HCM solution providers.

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For more information and a self-paced online course visit the CHART Course Store at!

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