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Earn while you learn! ...with CHART Gamification

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Turn knowledge into skill & skill into rewards!

I am a simple human.

When the medal for “Perfect Week for Exercise” flashes on my Apple watch, the song Eye of the Tiger plays in my mind. Yes!I envision myself receiving the gold medal while my country watches. Ok...that may be a slight exaggeration, but that is how my mind works. (Please don’t judge)

Even though I am not a competitive person, I love feeling rewarded for any work or effort put into my day-to-day life. Now, back to the announcement from my Apple Watch screaming, “You’re awesome!!” ...followed by a very public celebration and self-congratulations. What is this little virtual pat on the back, and why does it even matter? Do we secretly feel valued over the smallest of rewards? Does motivating adults with notifications, badges, and prizes really work?

Well, it does for me! I have taken an extra 10 flights of stairs just so I could add the Kilimanjaro badge to my collection! Turns out that it is not just me either. A lot of companies know that a reward system is successful in promoting motivation (think Fitbit, Apple Fitness, and even Orange Theory).

So, let’s ask ourselves this question? Can we incorporate a reward system in an

online adult learning platform? If so, will it promote increased engagement and satisfaction in learning?


According to Hakulinen et all, “enriching a learning environment with game elements can lead to learners spending significantly more time in it, which can have a positive effect on their performance in the long run”. 1


I would like to present the belief that incorporating game elements can (and should) be utilized, and am thrilled that at CHART, we have been working on rewarding our learners. This NEW gamification system is titled the "CHART Dojo.”

What is Gamification? gam·i·fi·ca·tion (noun) /ˌɡāməfəˈkāSH(ə)n/?

Gamification utilizes gaming-style aesthetics to engage a particular group. This engagement focuses on promoting motivation, involvement, and problem-solving. The group is made up of learners looking to #LevelUP up their knowledge in EP and device.

We believe that even as adults, we enjoy a game-style reward system...but incorporating a gaming system to motivate learners isn’t our only driving factor at CHART.

We want to create activities that our learners are excited to participate in and have fun doing it! Our goal is that learners will be encouraged to set meaningful goals and

spend more time LEARNING!! Which naturally benefits them and their team.


Even if you (like me) are not the competitive type, we can still celebrate the little earnings along the way. I always enjoy a sense of accomplishment either on goals I set for myself or goals set with my team. As a self-motivated person, I don’t usually enjoy being in the spotlight, but then again, that reward system setup, no matter how big or small, does push my little “yes!” button. For example, it doesn’t matter to me that I have purchased 9 soy lattes this week, I am absolutely over the moon when I “earn” a free #10!

At CHART, we can do a little better than a soy latte! Earned points, coins, and badges lead to shopping sprees in our Rewards Shop. We want you to be able to show off to your coworkers that you are not just stylish in CHART swag, but you are Leveling UP your skills! That means looking the part with T-shirts, ball caps, water tumblers, notebooks, etc. There are plenty of other academic rewards such as discounted or FREE courses, discounted or FREE Coaching sessions, and a medical grade HEART model. Please don't think we are snubbing the soy latte. STARBUCKS and Amazon gift cards are featured prominently in the Rewards Shop. We're only human!


Beyond Solo Competition: The Leaderboard

But what if you are someone who enjoys a little friendly competition? Maybe a game against another individual or team? Well, we have thought of that, too!

This is where the leaderboard comes in! With leaderboards, learning groups can participate in challenges against one another. How about a competition where everyone is the winner? Everyone earns points along the way, even if the winner earns more. I can already hear the arguments regarding the concept of everyone getting a trophy. The trophy, in this case, is that everyone earns growth in their education in electrophysiology and device. Oh, and don't forget earning cool swag.

Kicking Action Potentials is a requirement!

At CHART, we believe that anyone wanting to increase their knowledge in EP and cardiac devices should have access to learning materials built with every type of learner in mind. That includes even the adults that enjoy gaming and rewards, along with a public celebration and a virtual pat on the back!

How does it work?

Points accumulate when you complete courses, any courses, on the CHART Healthcare Academy learning portal - The MAP™ (My Accountability Portal). Our comprehensive Learning Plans for advanced credentials earn a substantial amount of points higher than regular course bundles. Perhaps the very best part is being able to SHARE your victory on social media #humblebrag. You just know your manager will have you brought immediately to their inner sanctum the moment you share that LOTUS badge.



Contributing EP or cardiac device research/content (assets) to the CHART "My Community Channels" is another great way to earn points in our gamification feature. Have you visited the CHART Community Channels? If you are registered on The MAP™, you have access to our "CHART Peeps Channel." There, other #EPeeps have collected videos, articles, white papers, and more from all over the internet to house in 1 convenient place! We are happy to have YOU submit content for approval, also!

Contributing two (2) approved assets to the CHART Community Channels earns you the Learning Warrior badge and 5 points in the Rewards Shop!

The Channels are open to everyone at no charge and are great for exam study materials, topic playlist creation, and curing insomnia *kidding. Well...

Look, you clearly love EP as much as I do (and as much the CHART team) since you read all the way down here! So, reward yourself! Go crazy with our Ninja-themed Rewards Shop! It's all in good fun to motivate learners and encourage them (you) by achieving milestones along the way to your ultimate EP goals.


  1. Hakulinen L, Auvinen T, Korhonen A (2015) The effect of achievement badges on students’ behavior: an empirical study in a university-level computer science course. Int J Emerg Technol Learn 1:18–29.

All CHART courses offer Cat. 1 A+ CEUs for ARRT, CVT, RN.

Jennifer Busch, RN, BSN, CEPS, IBHRE Ambassador is the Sr. Manager of Professional Development for CHART Healthcare Academy.

Jen's contributions include content development, CHART Plus+ project lead for Intermountain Healthcare, CHI-St. Alexius Hospital, and coordinator of the CHART - IBHRE Ambassador Certified Coaching Program.

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