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Build Excellence by Empowering EP Lab Staff

The journey of overcoming staffing challenges using the CHART "Hire the Hustle" strategy.

In the intricate world of electrophysiology (EP) labs, where the heartbeat of patient care aligns with the rhythm of skilled professionals, the importance of a well-trained and enthusiastic team cannot be overstated.

However, the EP landscape faces significant staffing challenges that ripple through patient care, financial sustainability, and operational efficiency. This blog delves into the transformative journey of a historically high-performing EP program that recognized these challenges and decided to take matters into its own hands.


Unveiling the Staffing Conundrum

EP Lab staff, the unsung heroes in the diagnosis and treatment of heart rhythm disorders, find themselves at the intersection of expertise and scarcity. Agency recruitment and the departure of professionals from hospital settings have constrained the talent pool for skilled EP allied professionals. Traditional EP training schools are a rarity, leaving a void in recruiting newly trained staff. The EP program, committed to maintaining its high standards, faced the dilemma of seeking internal candidates amid the challenges of opportunity and compensation.


A Paradigm Shift with CHART Plus™+

CHART "Hire the Hustle" Approach

Enter CHART Plus+™ – a beacon of hope for EP programs grappling with staffing dilemmas. The program adopter began their Hire the Hustle journey by partnering with hospital leadership to identify the right candidates for hiring.

Embracing a philosophy that values enthusiasm and commitment to learning, they aimed to exponentially expand their talent pool, even within their own institution. They found people who knew how to hustle: intrinsic drive to succeed, competitive nature, collaborative, innovative, and goal oriented.


How CHART Does Training Differently...

CHART Healthcare Academy delivers training using CLASS™ Methodology Continuous Learning Accountability Support System. The program is built to take away the "forgetting curve" that is experienced with a one-time training event. CHART Plus™+ incorporates relevant training, blended learning components, and accountability measures, leading to a mastery of skills. The learning experience is designed to support the learner through a progressive learning path, which builds upon a strong foundation in order to move learners more confidently toward more complex concepts and advanced skills


Building from the Ground Up

Recognizing that the key to success lies in developing professionals from the ground up, the CHART Hire the Hustle program became their guiding light. The meticulously crafted plan, in collaboration with the hospital leadership team, included dedicated coaching and training time for the incoming cohort. Weekly reviews and planning sessions became the cornerstone, fostering stakeholder alignment and goal setting.


Tracking Progress and Ensuring Competency

In the world of EP training, time to competency is not just a metric; it's a critical determinant of the program's ROI. Effective communication became the linchpin, connecting managers, team leads, schedulers, coaches, and physicians in weekly touchpoints. These meetings were essential to keep key stakeholders aligned with the plan, ensuring learner progress and validating competency. 


The Role of Coaches in the Transformation

Developing an internal dream team of coaches is pivotal to success. Each coach underwent the rigorous CHART Certified Coaching program, preparing them to guide and mentor the incoming cohort. Blocking time for training during procedures, maintaining open lines of communication with physicians, and conducting formal review sessions were crucial steps in the journey to develop and validate skills.



Quote from Dr. Brian Crandall of Intermountain Health.


The journey from staffing challenges to excellence in the EP lab is an ongoing saga, but by partnering with CHART for the implementation of Hire the Hustle, this facility is embracing the future with confidence. By investing in unusual internal talent, focusing on competency, and fostering a culture of continuous learning, they are not just overcoming challenges – they are redefining the standards of EP excellence. The heartbeat of the program is stronger than ever, pulsating with the rhythm of

empowered professionals dedicated to transforming patient care.


Congratulations to Jennifer Busch, RN, BSN, CEPS, IBHRE Ambassador, FHRS, for her unique, innovative solutions for this program adopter. Her tireless hours and commitment were integral to their success. In fact, the program is spreading throughout this hospital system's Electrophysiology Departments as others become eager to hire the hustle!

"Our trainer (Jen Busch) is bright, highly skilled, and most of all very enthusiastic about EP which has been infectious with our trainees.  They have become very useful and productive members of our team in a fraction of the time it would have taken if we had been able to retain them at all.  It has greatly added to the safety and efficiency of our lab and greatly added to the satisfaction of all involved.  They have made an almost devastating predicament for us turn around and provided us with a solution to our staffing problems." -Dr. Brian Crandall, Electrophysiologist



Director of Professional Development

Regina Kiefer, a dedicated advocate for EP Lab professionals, brings her expertise as a Radiologic Technologist specializing in Cardiac Electrophysiology to CHART Healthcare Academy. With experience as a CVT program director, she's well-versed in accreditation, credentialing, and credential maintenance. Leading initiatives like the GROW Membership for EP and Device professionals and CHART Certified Coaching, Regina is committed to building EP Lab staff competence and confidence from the ground up.

Connect with Regina Kiefer on LinkedIn for information on CHART programs and coaching.


Thank you for your dedication to continuing EP and Device clinic education and training with CHART Healthcare Academy.

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