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Oh, those squiggly lines...

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

I distinctly remember 15 years ago, I walked into the EP Lab for the first time...I could have easily confused it with a space command center!! The number of monitors and equipment was mind boggling (and it was nothing compared to a modern EP Lab). Nonetheless, the complexity of the procedures and systems made me curious to learn more.

Unfortunately, it wasn't that easy. No one was there to teach me what all the squiggly lines meant - my job was to simply scrub in, set up for the procedure and turn the RF "on" and "off". As time went on, I made it my mission to attend every education event and read every book I could get my hands on to learn more about those mysterious squiggles - I could compare to reading tea leaves. Haha!

Today, the EP procedure has become extremely complicated. It takes enormous effort to keep up with the advancing technologies, changing workflows, and practice trends. However, I am ever-grateful for a community of experts who share knowledge and expertise.

THIS is my new mission -- teach everything I know and have learned from others to a community who is hungry to learn so we can all heal more hearts from arrhythmias.

Here's to raising the tide for ALL SHIPS!! #vivaep #eppeeps

For more information and a self-paced online course visit the CHART Course Store at

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