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EDGE EP Advanced



Trusted advisors in EP procedures require advanced clinical and technical skills training. This deep dive into arrhythmia mechanisms, disease states, diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, and advanced systems technology will get clinical staff ready to face the Lab with the advanced EP knowledge needed.


In this program you will complete learning modules, study guides, and application exercises to reinforce concepts. To fully evaluate your learning progress, you will complete a Benchmark and Post-Assessment evaluation. This benchmark will provide you with a detailed report of your performance and demonstrate successful adoption of concepts and skills taught in the EP Advanced course.




  1. Benchmark Evaluation (1.0 CEU)
  2. Advanced Cardiac Arrhythmia & Physiology (4.0 CEU)
  3. Advanced EP Concepts (4.0 CEU)
  4. Advanced EP Procedures (3.0 CEU)
  5. Advanced Technologies (3.0 CEU)
  6. Cardiac Arrhythmias & Interpretation (9.0 CEU)

Completion Time:  25-30 hours

EDGE EP Advanced


    Simulator Add-On

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