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Recognized by IBHRE

The EP Learning ExPerience™

Recognized by IBHRE -- Level up your EP knowledge with our innovative EP Learning ExPerience™. ExPerience our state-of-the-art learning portal connecting you to 50+interactive tutorials, educational resources, and a network of other EP professionals...and CEUs!!

The EP Learning ExPerience™
The EP Learning ExPerience™

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Recognized by IBHRE

About the Event

Searching for a structured approach to building confidence in EP? 

Level up your EP knowledge and engage in a re-imagined EP Learning ExPerience™ through a state-of-the-art learning portal connecting you to interactive tutorials and educational resources focused on EP industry standards, endorsed by IBHRE. Your ExPerience is enhanced through exclusive access to a community of EP professionals to learn, share, and collaborate with while you follow a progressive, structured learning journey. 

The EP Learning ExPerience™ will expand upon clinical EP and technical concepts, leading to critical thinking skills for understanding the complexities of clinical EP through a truly unique educational and social forum - all delivering precisely what you need to become a confident EP professional. 

Target Audience:

Allied professionals and Mid-Level Practitioners with less than 2 years experience in the EP Lab. 

What's Included:

  • 50+ Interactive learning modules with interactive images, paired with comprehensive study guides 
  • 70+ CEUs offered for techs and nurses 
  • 400+ Knowledge Check Questions with results feedback



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