In the clinical setting, learning and applying knowledge is critical so that you can reach optimal levels of career skill competence and confidence. CHART Healthcare Academy delivers sustainable training using our proprietary method called CLASS™ (Continuous Learning Accountability Support System).


Our CLASS™ Methodology incorporates a combination of Blended On-Line Learning, Application Activities, Assessments, and Accountability though live coaching to support the evolving roles of the EP team.


CLASS™ Methodology

Continuous Learning Accountability Support System

  • CHA brings a fresh, blended approach to how people learn, grow, and sustain the highest levels of critical skills professionalism.

  • Our proprietary CLASS Methodology ensures "sticky" knowledge transfer, from our muriad of learning experiences.

  • We assess current levels of knowledge and fills in the gaps. If there's a skill deficiency, we find it, fix it, and certify it! 

  • Every course provides CHART Certification and includes CEU credits for nurses and Category A+ for AART.  

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CHA Certified Coaches

  • CHA challenges the status-quo in healthcare training through sustainable, result-driven, learner-centered performance improvement programs.

  • Our CHA Coaches have been trained to be LEADERS the create PATHWAYS TO SUCCESS.

  • CHA’s innovative training platform is designed for every level of learner - from beginners in the EP lab to EP Experts who want to develop leadership and coaching skills.