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Welcome to Turning on the Lights in EP!


This course is being provided FREE for anyone new to EP or interested in starting a new career in the field of "squiggly lines." Here’s what you can expect from this introductory EP course:


Have you been avoiding that lab at the end of the corridor where everyone sits in the dark? Do you ask yourself, "What are those squiggly lines, colorful blobs, and the bank of monitors trying to tell you?" 🤔


CHART encourages you to take a step in that dark room and let us help you Turn on the Lights in EP. 💡



  1. EP Patients & Team
  2. Access, Catheter Placement, & EGMs
  3. EP Equipment & Systems
  4. Baseline Interval & EP Study Protocol
  5. Connectology & Troubleshooting


Time: 1.5 hours


SPECIAL - Receive 20% off once course at the completion of the course* 

NOTE: This course is valid for 90 days. 

    Turning on the Lights in EP


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