Your learning results are as followed:


  • Identifying indications & goals of an EP procedure.
  • Describing how to prepare a patient for an EP study or device implant.
  • Identifying the steps and systems used during an EP procedure.
  • Describing standard EP catheter positioning.
  • Identifying ECG/EGM components for proper baseline measurements.
  • Understanding concepts of EGM formation.
  • Defining arrhythmia classifications.
  • Differentiating arrhythmias by origin, QRS complex, or mechanism of activation.
  • Describing the pathophysiology of common arrhythmias
  • Recognizing common electrogram (EGM) patterns of common arrhythmias studied in the EP lab.


Estimated Completion Time: 7 - 8 Hours


INTRO TO EP: Reading Between the Squiggly Lines!

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