CHART Healthcare Academy is revolutionizing how cardiac device and remote monitoring specialists access education, providing clinicians new pathways to achieve clinical excellence consistent with industry standards and requirements. 

Learning Reinforced With Real-World Application.

We bring training to meet you where you are, at a pace that meets your individual needs.


Pacing and remote monitoring specialists are expected to provide procedural support, conduct patient monitoring, and participate in patient training and education when needed. As experienced device professionals, our team understands that applying and building on foundational EP knowledge in the clinical setting is critical to your success.

Our Remote Monitoring and Device+ Training Programs allow you to interact with state-of-the-art education content from any device at any time, enabling you to develop your professional skills and expertise in a relevant, practical, and sustainable way for you.


Join The Revolution

The pandemic crisis highlighted the need to advance the adoption of remote patient management for heart rhythm professionals. The need for contactless monitoring and outpatient management triggered a new wave of opportunities to embed and grow remote services in everyday medical practice worldwide.

"Remote Monitoring is the new standard of care for patients with CIEDs, to replace most routine in-office interrogations. Remote Monitoring requires dedicated personnel and resources to ensure the timely and complete review of transmitted information." 

- 2015 Heart Rhythm Society Consensus Statement


Join the revolution and explore a career in the Cardiac Rhythm Management and Remote Monitoring industry.


A Career With Potential

Cardiac Rhythm Management currently comprises 43% of the rapidly expanding Cardiovascular Device industry market share, and that percentage is growing every year.

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Graph showing a Cardiovascular Device Market Share Analysis

The Doors To Success Are Open. Come On In.

At CHART, we understand in the clinical setting that learning and applying learned knowledge is critical to reaching optimal levels of career skill competence and confidence. Our progressive curriculum ensures learners establish a firm foundation before advancing to more complex topics and application exercises. So, whether you're new to the pacing industry or experienced and preparing for credentialing exams, we have the resources to meet your needs.

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What does the path to CIED or Remote Monitoring Clinician look like to you? What’s driving your desire to #LevelUp your career? What value will your advancement bring to your patients and your team? How will a new skill set advance your professional goals? Can you give back to others through mentorship and expertise?

By addressing questions like these, we will meet you where you are, and help you to build individualized training pathways via your own continuous-learning platform to accelerate your professional development. 


Run By High-Growth Leaders, For
High-Growth Leaders.

Connect with our growing network of professionals across the CIED and RMS community, gain access to a wealth of educational resources, and evaluate your professional skills in real-time with CHART Coaches to facilitate your training journey.


Clinical Specialist Career Paths


Cardiac Device Specialist

Key Responsibilities:

  • Provides procedural support, conducts patient monitoring, and participates in patient training and education when needed

  • Performs diagnostic tests during cardiac procedures

  • Is present for all aspects of the patient care journey

  • Conducts device checks, patient screenings; may perform clinical research and participate in case reviews when called upon

  • Acts as a primary resource for clinical and industry sales personnel 



Remote Monitoring Clinician

Key Responsibilities:

  • Provides CIED patient monitoring both on-site in a clinical setting and via remote access

  • Assesses technical device function and analyzes/interprets device and patient diagnostics

  • Maintains accurate clinical patient documentation

  • Works with various on-site EHR and remote monitoring systems to triage transmissions efficiently

  • May report directly to attending physicians or clinical managers



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